Front-end Developer
ILK London is a digital commerce platform for male grooming products with a strong emphasis on editorial to push sales. In their own words "Ilk London is the destination for men’s grooming. Inspiration, how to videos and hand-picked products."

I was part of a small team comprising a designer, a UX practitioner, and three developers that built this fully customised Magento 2 website at BBH London.

It was a challenge (but very necessary due to the size of the site) to enforce strict guidelines in the front-end and to utilise the latest technologies in this project. Magento 2 was designed with security in mind, and it seems with code readability, size and consistency on the back burner, so lot of effort was spent on improving this process and distancing our own code from Magento's own in order to allow future scalability and ease of on-boarding new developers.

With this process set, we moved on to crafting an e-commerce site with a strong, eye catching brand and slick animations using ES6 JS, Post CSS, Sass and the usual tooling using NPM.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 16.51.05