Digital Catalogue

Front-end Developer
The Boden Digital Catalogue is a website attempting to solve a specific problem, being that Boden spend an awful lot of money mailing their customers paper catalogues. It was built to sit next to the main Boden site, offering a new simple, intuitive and full bleed image interface.

I teamed up with UX and Design from the beginning, collaborating in a very agile manner to establish the foundations, prototype and iterate the website. To keep us on track throughout the duration of this process we continually asked existing and new Boden customers for their opinions.

The site is built entirely upon an AngularJS framework, it is fully responsive with a fluid approach, and it makes use of all of the existing APIs for the main Boden site, allowing it to update with little extra work. Technologies it is built on include Angular, Greensock, SASS (with Breakpoint-SASS) and Grunt.