Luke Kidney

Front-end Developer
D&AD / White Pencil
1x Inbook

Lovie Award
1x Silver
I'm a Dorset born, London dwelling contract Front-end Developer.

I love to create innovative, beautiful and compelling experiences on the web. Keen to keep learning, I'm always looking to master new languages and techniques. So far, I have good knowledge and experience with the following:

Canvas & WebGL (Three.js, Pixi.js)
SVG (Snap.js, Paper.js)
CSS Modules
Post CSS
Google's, many social media, and other APIs
Many more with a little less experience, including Node.js, Socket.IO, AWS, AS3, PhoneGap etc.

Being a perfectionist at heart, I like to ensure my work is always pixel perfect and fully responsive. I work well as part of an agile team, and enjoy involving myself in the whole project process when applicable - from idea development to suggesting improvements in the design and user experience.

Mgarr Ix Xini Cave

Little Black Book | New talent : Luke Kidney

“Luke took the leap of faith to join me at BBH straight out of university.
He was young, keen, and naive.

Four years later he’s still young, still keen, but now is a an excellent developer. His front end coding skills in various frameworks are fantastic, his attention to detail and passion to deliver top quality work is admirable, and he has the maturity and experience to make him a senior developer.

As well as his coding skills Luke has developed his people skills – he’s happy working with developers, designers, project managers and client teams, and everyone is very happy working with him.”

“Luke is a talented interactive media practitioner, he shows good attention to detail with his work, good time management skills and great creativity.”

“Luke is an accomplished, talented and multi-skilled web developer. His ability to quickly learn and then apply new coding and design techniques makes him an invaluable member to any team in all capacities.
Top stuff.”

“Having observed Luke’s working ethic, he is highly applied to his current project and does not shy away from applying new technologies to his current experience. Outside of the work structure, Luke is a chilled out, sociable individual who takes a great passion in everything he does! A pleasure to know!”

“Luke’s a dedicated, multi-skilled interactive designer. Constantly striving to improve his knowledge in all areas of tech even if it’s to give that project that little extra flourish.”